End of Day 3

Candy Cares for Kids 2011 is officially over, and we’re currently waiting on the final number for money raised. In the meantime, we’re thanking everyone who helped make the final leg of this Radiothon so successful! Continue reading

Hitting the halfway point on day 3

It’s the final day of Candy Cares for Kids, and we’re hoping to finish stronger than ever by raising $45,000!!

Beyond talking on-air and sitting at the computers, we have a lot going on up here thanks to visits from the families and other listeners coming up to say hello! Continue reading

The last of the wish list

You’ve heard Alli and Frito talk about the wish list that is asking for more donations than ever, and we’ve been showing you exactly why the numbers are so high. These items are needed in your community, and you’re helping to buy them. These are the last few items. Continue reading

Kayla donates her Easter money


At the end of the day yesterday, we had Kayla, an 8 year old who was in the NICU for a few weeks when she was born, stop by to talk to us.. and give us a special gift.
Continue reading

That’s a wrap for day 2!

The day ended very strong and we can’t thank you enough! So many businesses matched your donations. We had an 8 year old come in and donate $20 of her Easter money. Check out the pictures and special shout outs to everyone who made this day so successful! Continue reading

More text stories

“My husbad and I were told w have more of a chance to win the lottery twice then to have a baby, we had a beautiful baby girl and almost lost her lots of times. thank god for the hospital and my wonderfl dr! Donate these kids r the future of this world!”
-9812 Continue reading

More items from the wish list

Stephany Meek told us that it was a bed that we were able to raise money for last year that saved Coltyn’s life. This year, we want to save as many lives as we can, which means we’ll need your donations to get these and other items from the wish list. Continue reading

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